OM&M Program at Pharmaceutical Complex

Workers testing the ground
Man checking data on computer standing at back of truck

Client Challenge

A former 130-acre pharmaceutical campus, which had included headquarter offices, research and development, and manufacturing facilities, was closed following 80 years of operation. The multinational healthcare company is motivated to maximize property value and to satisfy the needs of local municipalities and investors to facilitate a smooth property transition to new uses. The environmental strategy, therefore, is to expedite cleanup and attain regulatory closure. Environmental activities include operation, maintenance, and monitoring (OM&M) of 15 in-situ groundwater remediation systems, including an aggressive compliance and performance monitoring sampling regimen.

GES Solution

GES’ integrated engineering and field services team manages the groundwater remediation system OM&M and sampling activities, waste management, emergency response, and riparian area compliance management. The diverse in-situ systems include eight soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems combined with groundwater extraction and in-well air stripping methods and off-gas controls; six ozone/oxygen injection systems; and a nitrogen injection system. The team also manages in-situ chemical oxidation and reductive dechlorination injections using mobile equipment.

GES sampling teams are deployed semi-annually to collect – in a single day – synoptic groundwater elevation readings from 850 on-site and off-site wells. GES also conducts quarterly groundwater monitoring from 165 wells on a predetermined schedule. Other activities include inspection and maintenance of deed notice-restricted waste management and riparian management areas, to ensure ongoing permit compliance. OM&M includes ongoing infrastructure inspection and repair activities timed to eliminate any risk of disruption to the groundwater monitoring schedule, as well as emergency preparedness and disaster recovery support.

Client Value

GES’ programmatic approach to managing the OM&M of this large and complex site has supported the client’s exit strategy while closely coordinating activities to minimize OM&M costs. A critical first step was to develop and implement a strategy that would meet all stakeholder needs. Working with the client, GES defined key performance metrics and a continuous improvement plan to measure progress to goals. Management standards were agreed upon and documented to ensure agreement and a collective focusing of all participants on program objectives.