Improving water quality and preserving access to safe, reliable water resources.

The sustainable use and management of water resources is vital to protecting human health and the environment. Repairing, restoring, and maintaining water quality to comply with regulatory standards and meet the needs of industry and the public is a core responsibility.

At GES, we help our government and industry clients evaluate and implement cost-effective and compliant water management solutions. Our technical expertise spans the water life cycle, from the evaluation of the natural environment to the design of new water supply infrastructure and the assessment, mitigation, and management of stormwater, wastewater, and groundwater issues.

We provide complete permitting and monitoring support for federal and state surface water programs, including wetland delineations and permitting, development of stormwater pollution prevention plans, and point-source discharge permits.  Our teams also develop and implement water treatment solutions that address a wide array of logistical, technical, and regulatory challenges and constraints.

Our integrated approach results in long-term water quality benefits that meet current and future regulatory standards and align with your business objectives.