Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for the safe and accurate collection of data in hazardous, dangerous, or hard to access environments.

Commercial applications for the operation of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) continue to evolve in safety-critical industries such as oil and gas, power and utility, mining, and construction. Growing regulatory acceptance and recent technology advancements in flight payload and remote sensing have created opportunities to leverage sUAS platforms for tasks such as environmental assessment, asset inspection and permit compliance monitoring, data collection, and other emerging applications.                                                                                   UAS is the formal term for the aircraft and flight system

At GES, we follow a simple philosophy of identifying when a drone is the 
right tool for the job. It is not about the drone; it’s about –    

  • Is it safer? – Less risk to perform the task
  • Is it better? – High-quality and density data with more accurate observations
  • Is it more efficient? – Requires less time and effort

The use of sUAS can dramatically increase project efficiencies. 
An all-day task in the field on foot could be reduced to 15 minutes with the use 
of drone technology. Additionally, drones can negate environmental and topographical limitations.   

GES’ sUAS pilots are FAA-licensed and degreed environmental professionals who understand project needs and deliverables as well as the drone technologies. We have pilots and equipment located throughout the company with a robust program to manage equipment, pilots, flight plans, and deliverable preparation.

GES has a strong commitment to safety. We have implemented the behavior-based Loss Prevention System (LPS) program into our sUAS practice. Our drone-specific safety features include redundant battery and flight control systems; automatic “return to home”; collision avoidance systems; pre-programmed flight path capability; and immediate power off command in the unlikely event of an emergency landing.

GES was recently awarded 2023 EBJ Business Achievement Award  TECHNOLOGY MERIT: Unmanned Aerial Systems. To read the full article click here.

Drones + Magnetometry 

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