Mobilizing expert field services to steward your compliance and infrastructure construction programs.

The road to environmental compliance and regulatory approval starts with the timely collection and accurate interpretation of field data. You need a partner that acts as an extension of staff in the field with specialized expertise in environmental data collection, field safety, and construction operations.

GES’ technical expertise in the field sets us apart. Nearly 80% of our technical staff works in the field, from technicians to engineers, hydrogeologists, and scientists. By using the right resources for each job, we can offer a highly competitive pricing structure that leverages the cost-efficiencies gained from our streamlined organizational structure and efficient work practices and tools.

Our field teams embrace a philosophy of project ownership, executing services with a strong understanding of your objectives and technical requirements of the project. Each assignment is planned, managed, and executed with the use of the appropriate controls to ensure that the data collected and services provided are aligned with project demands.

Above all, GES’ field services are focused on achieving your environmental goals with utilization of our licensed Loss Prevention System (LPS) behavioral management program. The result is a project delivered safely, efficiently, and responsively – a job well done.