Environmental Compliance Program at Caribbean Refinery

Refinery with workers

Client Challenge

While refinery operations have been idled at this 1,700-acre petroleum processing facility, a facility-wide environmental remediation/compliance program has continued under the US EPA Region 2 RCRA program. The facility requires a wide range of environmental activities to maintain compliance and to protect the refinery infrastructure for future revitalization. 

GES Solution

GES has served as the client’s environmental consultant for several years, providing services focused on maintaining facility compliance, protecting natural resources, developing achievable paths to regulatory closure, and operating and maintaining 10 remedial active solid waste management units (SWMUs). The work scopes combine complex hydrogeological analysis, engineered design and construction, and coordinated technical field services.

GES’ environmental informatics specialists have provided diverse site investigation, risk assessment, and data management services to the site since 2001. Risk evaluations have addressed human and ecological receptors. Wide-ranging tasks included the application of GIS to delineate, map, and analyze the habitats of federally-listed endangered flora and fauna. A series of integrated light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL), groundwater flow, and dissolved-phase transport models were developed to evaluate the optimal multi-faceted remedial approach. Using these tools, GES received US EPA approval of recommended cleanup goals through risk-based approaches. A web-based database system facilitates the management of groundwater data by all project stakeholders. Groundwater modeling studies and data analysis were used to demonstrate continued effectiveness of the selected remedial approach and engineering controls at the site.

GES’ on-site field team reliably performs operation, monitoring, and maintenance (OM&M) of a facility-wide groundwater and hydrocarbon recovery system. GES manages 10 remedial SWMUs as well as one closed hazardous waste landfarm treatment/disposal unit under a RCRA post-closure permit. The team focuses on maintaining system uptime while continuing to evaluate system effectiveness and operation metrics to optimize the remedial solution. This has included reducing the fluid recovery system by approximately 25% and decommissioning three total phase vapor extraction (TPVE) systems while continuing to maintain compliance with the corrective measures goals.

Client Value

GES’ integrated approach has enabled a streamlined environmental reporting process for further ongoing cost savings and enhancements. In service to the facility’s environmental response trust, GES works with property owners and managers as well as US EPA representatives to consistently address areas of concern and implement improvements to site remediation.