Pipeline Construction Environmental Inspection

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Client Challenge

A major energy pipeline developer embarked on the construction of a 65-mile segment of a crude-oil pipeline through points in the Delaware Basin. The project required oversight from a third-party environmental inspector to ensure construction activities maintained compliance with environmental regulations, permit requirements, mitigation agreements, and other commitments. Speed to market was a critical project success factor for this client.

GES Solution

GES assigned a dedicated, full-time environmental inspector to oversee construction across the entire pipeline route and document any potential non-compliance events. This required an in-depth understanding of applicable regulatory requirements and a wide array of environmental knowledge including natural and cultural resources, waste management, wetlands, stormwater, and erosion and sediment controls.

The inspector remained in close communication and coordination with project team members including pipeline company staff, construction contractors, equipment vendors, archeologists, and wildlife experts. On a daily basis, the inspector supervised all contractor activities related to environmental conditions. Identification and recording of key project components, such as water crossings and wetlands and restoration activities, provided important documentation of the pipeline’s responsible operation. GES’ inspector documented the installation and removal of erosion control measures as well as vegetation and site restoration along the pipeline right of way. Proper management of oil field waste was also a key element of project compliance.

Client Value

The integration of GES’ full-time environmental inspector facilitated continuous construction activity in compliance with permits and environmental regulations. Active communication between the inspector, the pipeline owner, and its team helped to raise awareness of potential environmental issues prior to the start of work. Potential non-compliance issues were resolved early due to proactive dialogue. Construction was completed on schedule and without safety incident.