Expedited Air Permitting Support at a Medical Center

medical building


GES responded within two days to our client’s request for permitting two 10MM BTU/hr boilers at their medical center. The requirement for a new-source review permit had previously been overlooked by the general contractor. Timing for securing the permits was critical. A prior consultant had informed the client that the permit process would take a minimum of four months. The client turned to GES for a second opinion. Following review of the source-specific data, GES was able to demonstrate that emissions from boiler operation would fall below de minimis levels and was able to use an expedited permit program at the local air district to assist with permitting of the two boilers within a one-week period. The permit application was prepared, submitted, and deemed complete by the permitting agency within two weeks. GES’ quick response to our client’s request resulted in expedited approval of the permit application, avoiding potential enforcement action.