Health and Safety Inspection for Construction Projects

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The client, a liquid-petroleum transportation service company, transports refined fuel from Illinois and Indiana to Michigan via its pipeline. The client installed a new control room at its corporate office in Portage, and is expanding its field offices in Niles and Freedom Township, MI. However, the client did not have sufficient safety staff to assign a health and safety inspector at each of the three construction sites.

GES Solution

GES was engaged to serve as health and safety inspector for these sites, based on GES’ excellent safety record and adherence to the Loss Prevention System (LPS) Program. GES staff completed the long-term assignments of three to six months, and provided tailgate meetings and LPS safety training to the construction contractors. GES’ Corporate Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) program leaders provided LPS in-person training at the beginning of the projects, and reviewed the necessary Job Loss Analyses for tasks and tools completed on each site. GES performed weekly Loss Prevention Observations and Loss/Near-Loss incident reporting for site activities. GES also utilized staff from its Michigan, Blacksburg, VA, and Exton, PA, offices to support the client safety program. GES-MI and Exton staff provided on-site inspectors. GES’ Environmental Informatics Group provided a data program to inform on-site personnel of their training, drug testing, and working hours, per project requirements. The data sheets were uploaded into “client file share” daily and were used to calculate working hours at the conclusion of the projects.

Client Benefits

GES adhered to all LPS reporting requirements and maintained a safe working environment. Site subcontractors received LPS training. No subcontractor injuries were recorded at any of the sites.