Statewide Environmental On-Call Services

Side street view of buildings

Client Challenge

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) operates the General Environmental Assistance Contract (GTAC) program, through which selected consultants provide support that includes environmental investigations, studies, remedial design, construction oversight, and other consulting support at hazardous and storage tank sites.

GES Solution

GES has served as a prime GTAC contractor within three consecutive statewide contracts since 2003. Projects reflect a diversity of sites and issues at some of the state’s most challenging sites, which have ranged from former manufacturing operations to waste management facilities, manufactured gas plants (MGP), and chemical and petroleum release sites. GES has managed up to 15 projects concurrently, with scopes including the characterization of geologically complex sites, surveying of large-scale abandoned landfills, and design and construction of remediation and water treatment systems.

During this time, GES has worked with PADEP staff from the state headquarters and regional offices at more than 100 project sites. Coordination among multiple stakeholders – including state and local agencies and officials, as well as private landowners and the general public – is a critical element in successful contract management. GES also has supported the agency’s diversity goals with the inclusion of small, disadvantaged businesses (SDB) in project work. The GES GTAC program is directed at the statewide level by a regional operations manager, with project management and execution by a dedicated core team, located in various parts of the state, coordinating to provide a wide range of technical expertise. Additional resources are utilized from GES’ internal talent and our approved subcontractors, as dictated by project scopes. This approach has enabled us to respond – quickly, safely, and efficiently – to the state’s environmental needs while meeting its quality standards and reporting requirements.  

Client Value

GES’ flexibility and ability to provide efficient service with technically sound solutions at multiple project assignments has returned value to the PADEP and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for close to 15 years.